About Us

John and Susan Horseman have amassed an important collection of American paintings from  1910 to 1940, which bring to light, through both representational and non-objective styles, the social and industrial influences of that era on the American landscape. Having only begun collecting in the past decade, the Horsemans’ collection is personal, but not private. In fact 57 of their works were selected for the exhibition Regional Dialect, organized by The Dixon Gallery and Gardens, Memphis, Tennessee, and traveled to noted museums in 2009 and 2010.

Originally from Cleveland, Ohio, the Horsemans purchase works that evoke a memory or to which they can relate or connect to in some way. A number of their paintings depict scenes from areas where they have lived, and serve as windows to the past, painting a picture of Midwestern life during and surrounding the Depression-era. Over the years, John and Susan have immersed themselves in learning about various artists, and their collecting has evolved from purely enjoying the beauty of a work, to understanding its relevance and the significance of that artist and his contribution to early 20th century American art.